The Royal Mulu Resort

Robert Geneid Royal Mulu Resort

Robert Geneid and Marriott

Tourism is a booming international industry and giants like Marriott International not only have a presence in 74 territories and countries globally, they also have a strong take on corporate responsibility in terms of society and the environment. This view is shared with the Australian entrepreneur Robert Geneid and contributed to the start of the on-going relationship held between Marriott International and Robert Geneid.

Five Star Marriot upgrade to Royal Mulu Resort

The Royal Mulu Resort in Borneo started an exhilarating renovation project at the lead of Robert Geneid on the 1st of November 2011. The improvements to the resort are undertaken while loyal guests are still being served by 46 of the existing guest rooms throughout the duration of the upgrade project. While the first completed phase of the newly revamped Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa is due for completion by the end March 2013 the final phase is expected to be launched by December the same year. Upon completion, the resort is expected to be of 5 star Marriott qualities and re-branded as the Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa.

Robert Geneid's most exciting project to date

With an education and vast experience in construction, Robert Geneid is enjoying the opportunity to provide invaluable hands-on direction in terms of the upgrade to the resort. He spends substantial time looking after both; the construction aspects and the social implications of the project while making absolutely certain that ethical practices are adhered to. It is expected that the resort is to provide over 100 rooms and is to be opened with a tribally inspired design in the style of the longhouses as used for thousands of years by the indigenous Mulu people. The longhouses are to be situated on stilts rising over the tropical vegetation of the Mulu jungles 15 feet in the air and connected with a range of walkways. A prime view of the Melinau River will be enjoyed by guests from the vantage point of their balconies. While care is taken to ensure that the beauty of nature is the focus of each visit, all the major modern conveniences are seen to like the availability of high speed internet in each longhouse as well as flat screen televisions.

After the renovation of the Mulu Resort

The lobby and lounge of the resort are also to be overhauled and will be expanded to include a library and business centre with meeting facilities. Dining amenities will include an outdoor eating area as well as the indoor facilities of a private dining room. The restaurant will be complemented by a deli and a bakery and the riverside bar is also being reconstructed. Recreational amenities will include and outdoor swimming pool and spa, a gym for the health conscious and also an activity centre and Kids Club. Sporting and activity options on offer are to be night cruising, rafting, kayaking and jungle trekking. Robert Geneid and his family regularly partake in jungle excursions and are sure to enjoy the fruits of his efforts once this exciting project is completed.

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